Need Independent Consultant for Salvage & Wreck Removal
(We have Project Managers, Salvage Masters, Naval Architects and Engineers)


Emergency Response

We provide  a comprehensive range of services for ship owners, platform operators, and marine insurance companies.

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Salvage & Wreck Removal

As a leader in our industry, we have always worked to develop advanced technology and innovative methods.



The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques, and hand on mentality to activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project.

Latest Projects

  • SSV Jupiter
  • Noble Hawk
  • Lentera Bangsa Emergency Response
  • Lentera Bangsa Decommisioning

Who We Are


A Tradition of Excellence

Embedded in our gene is a culture of hard work, honest work, and getting the job well done. In combination with our history, this tells not nly much about our past but also about our present. Our record of succeeding, surviving, and striving the backbone of our reputation today.

Our slogan “Maintain clean seas for a sustainable future, through hands-on mentality, smart solutions, and strategic thinking.


Salvage Consultancy

For smart solutions with environmental protection and sustainability as spear-point, we offer consultation to help you make a decision with the best creativity and quality that you deserve as salvage, wreck removal and offshore decommissioning.

Why Choose Us

We Are Creative

As the innovator in our industry, we have always worked to develop advanced technology and innovative methods.

Sustainability & Green Environment is Our Highest Priority

We ensure the sustainability, have a safe and green environment as our highest priority.

Honest and Dependable

Our expert teams are selected specifically for each client, and they are highly trained, using ingenuity to solve problems creatively.

We Are Always Improving

We strive to meet the needs of the world today without jeopardizing the needs of the world tomorrow.

Latest News

Our Website Launch

April 27, 2015

More news to come!