Equipment and Innovation


Specialized equipment, coupled with the ingenuity of the MaxZee team is the main driver behind our results.

Everything at MaxZee is designed with one goal in mind – efficient and safe emergency response. We maintain easily accessible equipment facilities that are strategically placed. This way we can start moving minutes after the notification of an emergency. Besides the immediate access we conduct extreme quality control programs to ensure that our equipment is ready to perform in extreme circumstances.

However, having immediate access to the right equipment is only part of our success. We also maintain comprehensive quality control programs that ensure  all equipment  performs at maximum capacity under extreme conditions. If your project requires a unique approach, be assured that MaxZee is committed to a continuous research, development and equipment fabrication program  to build the tools that allow us to respond to new and complex emergencies.

In Our Inventory

Subsea Hot Tap System

For oil removal.

Submersible Pumps and Hoses

With capacity up to 500 m3/hr per pump.

Modular Buoyancy Systems

Up to 2000 ton lifting capacity.

Dewatering Systems

Based on compressed air.

Innovation Projects

Offloading System

For ultra large container carriers during salvage.

Wreck Removal System

For safe and low costs removal of wrecks.

Buoyancy Systems for Salvage

To gain the buoyancy so the objects will float.

Airbag Systems

For salvage and cargo securing

Pulling System

High efficiency pulling system up to 20000 ton lifting/pulling force.