The Challenges

2009 Noble Hawk in cooperation with Svitzer Salvage BV the salvage of a 3 year old bulk carrier which grounded on a uncharted reef in SE part of Indonesia (Halmahera). Vessel of 230 m length and 32 m wide was grounded on a reef with foreship holds 1 and 2 completely flooded and severely damaged.

Salvage comprised of discharging holds 1 and 2 from 20.000 ton Nickle ore, patching hold 1 and refloating the vessel by dewatering the tanks with compressed air. After the refloat the remaining 35.000 ton of cargo was transferred to another vessel.

Vessel was towed to a repair yard for 3 months during repair.

Project Description

Client:Noble Hawk partner with Svitzer
Location:Halmahera, Indonesia
Year Completed:2009