EVO-Lay Is a company specialized in Engineering and development of Sub sea equipment


Towed combined pipe lay tensioner and stinger


EvoLay has developed a towed floating stinger to improve safety and efficiency of subsea pipe laying


This stinger allow laying speeds up to 1,000 m hour, reduces the overall stress on the pipeline during installation and minimizes stress hot-spots.


Evolution in Pipe Laying


With this stinger it is also possible to increase size and diameter for RENTIS pipe-lay method which maximises the onshore fabrication of pipelines, therefor saving resources, time, money & manpower


All its processes; fabrication, wielding and the testing of the pipelines are completed onshore, pipelines are welded and tested onshore and fitted with floating devices. The pipes are then towed to the installation site. This part of the process has been successfully exercised many times to install pipelines up to some 10 kilometers in length.


EvoLay can go to 100 km towed pipelines and beyond conventional levels of control with our EvoLay method. The pipe is produced onshore and subsequently, the floating pipeline is guided and bent to form a large Floating circle.

Project Description

Client:Evolay Sdn Bhd
Location:world wide
Year Completed:ongoing