• Baltic Ace Project

    Baltic Ace wreck removal project, salvage plan, and tender management.


    MV Baltic Ace was a car carrier that sank in the North Sea on 5 December 2012 after a collision.

    Baltic Ace was a car carrier, a roll-on/roll-off ship designed to transport vehicles in a large, fully enclosed garage-like superstructure running the entire length and width of the vessel. She had eight cargo decks with a minimum free height of 2 metres (6.6 ft). Two decks (3 and 5) could be hoisted up to increase the clearance of the decks below to 4.8 metres (16 ft) for large vehicles. Her car capacity was 2,132.

    MV Baltic Ace was 148 metres (486 ft) long and had a beam of 25 metres

    The total weight to be lifted of the seabed was estimated at 13,000 ton

    The MaxZee team has developed a method the lift the vessel with a single lift, dewater the vessel and deliver the floating wreck to a dismantling company.

    After winter storms had damaged the wreck further it was decided to cut the the in sections and remove these, presently this project is being executed.

  • Structural Assesment of Offshore Platform

    Structural integrity assessment and monitoring of offshore platforms.

  • Spiral-lay Subsea Pipe-Laying



    EVO-Lay Is a company specialized in Engineering and development of Sub sea equipment


    Towed combined pipe lay tensioner and stinger


    EvoLay has developed a towed floating stinger to improve safety and efficiency of subsea pipe laying


    This stinger allow laying speeds up to 1,000 m hour, reduces the overall stress on the pipeline during installation and minimizes stress hot-spots.


    Evolution in Pipe Laying


    With this stinger it is also possible to increase size and diameter for RENTIS pipe-lay method which maximises the onshore fabrication of pipelines, therefor saving resources, time, money & manpower


    All its processes; fabrication, wielding and the testing of the pipelines are completed onshore, pipelines are welded and tested onshore and fitted with floating devices. The pipes are then towed to the installation site. This part of the process has been successfully exercised many times to install pipelines up to some 10 kilometers in length.


    EvoLay can go to 100 km towed pipelines and beyond conventional levels of control with our EvoLay method. The pipe is produced onshore and subsequently, the floating pipeline is guided and bent to form a large Floating circle.

  • Sri Kandi

  • KD Perantau 151

    2014-2015    KD Perantau 151 Salvage, Preservation of equipment and Machinery and re-delivery to ship-lift

    Salvage, red-delivery and preparations to refit at Lumut (Perak, Malaysia). A Naval Hydrographic vessel capsized and sank at Boustead Naval Shipyard


    • Par-Buckle (up right) the vessel using 2 x 300 ton Strand Jack
    • Make vessel water tight
    • Install pumps (total capacity used was 8,000 m3/hr.)
    • Install 400 m3 additional buoyancy to improve stability and refloat capacity
    • De-water vessel and refloat

    Re-delivery to ship lift:

    • Improve stability by removing water pockets throughout the vessel
    • Remove heavy wet paneling and insulation to bring down centre of gravity
    • Ballast ship in to safe docking conditions
    • Confirm center of gravity by inclining experiment
    • Dock vessel in shiplift


    Consultancy for Boustead Naval Shipyard:

    • For refit including ship lifetime extension plan
    • Stability analyses
    • Project management.
  • Lentera Bangsa Preparations for Repairs

  • MV Lagun Mas

  • Lentera Bangsa Decommisioning

  • Lentera Bangsa Emergency Response

  • Noble Hawk